Building Trust with Sustainable Food

We ask questions about how and where our food is farmed, who are the producers and what methods are used for transport.

Stepping Lightly

The methods used to farm and transport food leaves the largest carbon footprint in today’s global food system. Every day, we ask ourselves what steps we can take to influence change in sustainable food and farming industry practices. Like our decision to use shipping containers whenever possible instead of roads to transport our food, and to develop innovative packaging for our fair trade coffee has helped us minimize our carbon footprint.

A Sustainable World for All

We don’t have all the answers yet and are committed to keep asking tough questions and to stand for a sustainable environmental, social and economic balance.

You can count on Earth’s Choice to offer you only organic and natural products from farms that meet our high standards.

We hope you will join us in making the world a better place by choosing healthy, delicious and sustainable food.

Make your choice Earth’s Choice.