By Sherry Strong, Food Philosopher

Here is a healthy, delicious treat that is so easy to make with a handful of staple ingredients in your pantry.

Place all ingredients, (less 2 dates) into a food processor and process on high until the mixture comes together. If you can’t form a small ball from the mixture, add a date or two and process on high again.

Tip: Creamed Coconut – place packets in cup of hot water to soften ingredient.

Empty mixture into a 3/4 inch rimmed, small cookie tray (11 x 7 inch) and spread over tray to form an even level that comes up to the side of the tray.

Pre-cut the slice into 2cm squares and refrigerate until firm.

Cut the squares and place into a sealable container. Place back in the fridge for storage.

Serve cold or with the chill just taken off.

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