Thanksgiving – Our favourite time of the year

Let’s be honest, hosting a Thanksgiving dinner can be both stressful and time consuming. We’ve made it a little bit easier for you by giving you this list of how to fill the perfect thanksgiving pantry!


If you’re like us, stuffing is your favourite part of Thanksgiving dinner. The stuffing at the table is going to disappear in a matter of minutes, no matter how much you make. That’s why you’ll want to have an extra box or two of stuffing mix. It wouldn’t hurt to have a box of vegan stuffing mix in case one or more of your guests can’t have the regular stuffing.

 Fruits, Nuts & Grains

When it comes to side dishes and toppings, having a pantry stocked with these is very important. Dried cranberries, organic cranberry sauces and organic canned pumpkin for the fruits. Almonds and pecans are the nuts of choice around this time of year. They’re great on salads, in stuffing and many other appetizers. For grains, having wild rice is perfect for Thanksgiving – add it to your stuffing or alone as a side dish.

Spices & Herbs

What is Thanksgiving without herbs and spices? Be sure to add sage and thyme to your turkey and stuffing, as for your pumpkin pie and other desserts, make sure to add cinnamon and nutmeg!


Cooking oils are essential in Thanksgiving dinner, we’ve got you covered for those! Pick up a bottle of our organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil in preparation for your feast.